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Bad living habits that cause diabetes?

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Bad living habits that cause diabetes?
Latest company news about Bad living habits that cause diabetes?

Bad living habits that cause diabetes?

1. Eating too salty
Many people with diabetes know that they can't eat sweet food, otherwise it may lead to an increase in blood sugar index, which will cause adverse health hazards. However, in addition to eating different sweets, people with diabetes should pay more attention not to have too heavy taste. If they often eat too salty or too greasy in their diet, it is easy to affect blood sugar levels, and even induce hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

2. Drink water again when thirsty
In daily life, when we feel thirsty, some people immediately go to drink water; But some people still overlook this discomfort, after all, thirst is not a major problem, it is disease free and disaster free, and it will be compensated by drinking two more sips later.
But in fact, when you feel thirsty, your body is already in a state of severe water shortage! Lack of sufficient water in the body can also lead to an increase in blood sugar levels; High blood sugar can increase urine output, worsen dehydration, and enter a vicious cycle, which is very unfavorable for sugar lovers to control their blood sugar!


3. Eating irregularly
Pay attention to the regular and quantitative eating habits during meals. Eat at least three meals a day, with a regular and quantitative interval of 4-5 hours between the two meals. Patients who inject insulin or are prone to hypoglycemia should also have 2-3 extra meals between the three meals. A portion of the food can be taken from the three meals and kept as an additional meal, which is an effective measure to prevent hypoglycemia.

4. Disordered sleep
Many studies have shown that sleep disorders are closely related to diabetes. Sleep disorders are manifested as late falling asleep, early awakening, insomnia, etc. This is mainly related to an increase in insulin resistance. If sleep disorders occur, it not only fails to control blood sugar well, but also accelerates the occurrence of complications.

5. Turn on the light to sleep
Sleeping with lights on can affect the normal secretion of melatonin in the human body, disrupting the natural mechanism by which the body perceives circadian rhythms. Research has shown that melatonin cannot be secreted normally, which not only affects sleep quality but also has an impact on blood sugar.

6. Fruit as rice
When the weather is hot, even if delicious meals are placed in front of them, it is not easy to arouse appetite. Some people rely on fruits and beverages as their main food, often using a large pile of fruits such as watermelon and peaches to cope with a meal.
The doctor said that a large part of fruits and drinks in various kinds of fruit drinks contain high sugar. For some middle-aged people whose blood sugar is already high, uncontrolled eating tends to lead to a straight rise in blood sugar, leading to diabetes.


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